Late registration is still available!

Registration fees for JELIA are handled by the non-profit socio-cultural association AICAL, which is in charge of the financial aspects of the event. For any issue or doubt please contact Carmine Dodaro, Valeria Fionda and Simona Perri {dodaro,fionda,perri} at

The registration requires two steps:

    1. Payment of the registration fees by bank transfers, credit card or paypal (see below).
    2. Filling of the Registration Form.

An official receipt of the registration fee payment will be provided during the Conference. Please, contact us if you need in advance a scanned pdf copy.

Payment by bank transfers:

Perform the bank transfer using the following details:

    • IBAN: IT59F0335967684510700299342
    • To: AICAL - Ass Socio-Culturale AI Calabria

After the payment send the receipt to and fill the Registration Form.

Payment by credit card or paypal:

Select the type of the registration and then click Buy Now. You will be redirected to the Paypal website where you can decide to pay either via a credit card or via your Paypal account. After the payment, you have to perform an extra click (when requested) to be redirected to our website to fill the Registration Form.