Social Events

The reception / welcome party is included with all registrations.

Events related to the guided tour and conference social dinner are included in all registrations, excepting the student registrations that does not include the conference dinner.

Accompanying persons are very, warmly welcome! Extra tickets can be bought here.


The welcome party will be in Quattromiglia, Rende on 7th May 2019 at the Ariha hotel starting at 19:00.

Guided tour in Pizzo Calabro

The guided tour will be in Pizzo Calabro on 9th May 2019. A bus shuttle from the location of the conference will be made available starting 15:30.

Pizzo Calabro is a small town in the province of Vibo Valentia (Calabria) situated on a cliff on the Gulf of Saint Euphemia. The guided tour will include a visit at the Castle Murat and at the cave chuch of Piedigrotta, as well as a taste of the local "tartufo", a typical ice cream made in Pizzo Calabro. Note that the guided tour is not yet definitive and it might be subject to change.

Castle Murat

Castle Murat was built by Ferdinand I of Aragon in the second half of the fifteenth century. The upper chambers were rebuilt in 1790 after they were destroyed by the earthquake of 1783. Today, the building preserves almost its original appearance, albeit some parts of the original structure have been lost.

Cave church of Piedigrotta

The cave church of Piedigrotta is a Catholic church, entirely excavated in the tufaceous rocks and located in Pizzo Calabro. Inside there are several tuff sculptural groups. The church is contiguous to the beach, and the afternoon visit is very suggestive, when the sun's rays penetrate the depths of the caves highlighting the colours of the mineral salts that cover the walls.

Other attractions

Vicolo dei baci

Legend says that this place in the past represented a sort of "blessed place" for lovers.

Natural sight

"The beach stretched out alongside the water, these constant friends chattering as the water comes in her reassuring way, as if her joy is to soothe the sand. And in her wake she gives the chance for life, for the rock pools to refill. Those briny waves come as rain to a dessert, a gift never repaid, as it always is with nature... the strong give, life thrives... and so it goes on."

Angela Abraham


A typical product of Pizzo composed of two or more flavors of ice cream, often with chocolate or fruit syrup in the center. It is typically covered in a shell made of chocolate or nuts.

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will be at Popilia Country Resort in Pizzo Calabro, Vibo Valentia on 9th May 2019. After the guided tour, the bus will bring the participants to the resort.